• Hi! I'm Pablo Fernández Vallejo and I help deliver value to people and organizations through design.
    I currently serve as Academic Coordinator at Universidad de San Andrés. Previously at Buenos Aires' Secretariat for Innovation and Digital Transformation, LABgobar and Globant.



    I teach, talk and write about service design, organizational change and interdisciplinary collaboration. I also co-organize BA Service Jams the Buenos Aires chapter of the Global Service Jam.


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    Becoming an AI-Friendly University @ Teaming with AI Unconference - Online

    Navigating the shift toward AI at Universidad de San Andrés (Buenos Aires, Arg). From expert talks to speculative design and design principles, How we walked the messy journey of integrating AI into design education.

    Using AI as a co-pilot for strategic design tasks and projects.

    A talk on how LABgobar adapted Design Sprints to the public sector and the evolving craft of the design practice.

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    From desk to action: Changing the way of doing public policy @ Interaction Latin America 2018 - Rio de Janeiro

    Findings on the challenges of introducing a human-centered design mindset to public servants in Argentina.


    Co-speaker: Nicolás Gicovate

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    A talk about the dynamic role of the design profession, the significance of Service Design, and its pivotal role in generating value for large organizations.

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    A talk about design in the public sector and the redesign of maternal health services in Metro Manila.

    Fieldnotes from the 2017 Metro Manila Civic Innovation Fellowship


    C.O.S.O is a project proposed by Pablo Fernandez Vallejo and developed in the collaborative workshop Interactivos?'17 at Medialab Prado in Madrid, Spain.


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    BA Service Jams

    I am part of BA Service Jams where we organize the Buenos Aires edition of the Global Service Jam and DXS, Argentina's first conference focused on experience and service design.

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    Service Design Tour is an initiative that exists to provide current and recent postgraduate students with opportunities to connect with design companies around Europe. I've been in charge with organizing the first edition of the tour in Madrid.

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    I am a member of the Open Design Team, a collaborative network of international and interdisciplinary professionals covering the fields of design, architecture, art, natural and human sciences.


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    A podcast on today's design. In each chapter, a different design professional from Latin America discusses the current state of the discipline.


    Host: Emi Horcada

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    A podcast featuring real conversations with awesome people doing interesting stuff in government and the public sector.

    Hosts: Kylie Havelock & Kamala HB

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    A podcast where Colombian designers Andrés and Santiago explore the world of design from a Latin American perspective.

    Host: Andrés Calvachi & Santiago Pinzón

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    A podcast with conversations about social innovation, migration and emerging design practices.

    Host: Mariana Salgado


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    C.O.S.O is a project developed in the collaborative workshop Interactivos?'17 at Medialab Prado in Madrid. The aim was to create an open-source bike-mounted device to sense the street as the user rode through it.

    Collaborators: Mariana Robles / Daniel Rosero / Roberto Rodriguez / Michael Sandoval


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    Alaga Kit

    A patient-centered wayfinding and signage kit for local Healthcare Centers. This project was developed during the 2017 Metro Manila Civic Innovation Fellowship for Marikina City Government. You can hear me talk about this project on this UXPH Meetup.

    Co-creator: Roy Rao

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    The project focuses on growth in the context of the city, more specifically on the conflict that might arise from the phenomena of growth.

    Co-creators: Angelika Weissheim / Ceyhun Ruhisu Altiok



    Hasso-Plattner-Institut · D-School

    Design Thinking



    Humboldt-Universität zu Berlin & Universidad de Buenos Aires

    MA Open Design (Thesis Pending)

    2015 - 2018

    Politecnico di Milano

    Product Design for Innovation (Exchange Student)

    2013 - 2014


    Universidad de Buenos Aires

    Industrial Designer

    2008 - 2014


    Academic Coordinator

    Universidad de San Andrés

    2021 - Current


    Design Lead

    Secretariat of Innovation and Digital Transformation, Buenos Aires City Government



    Civic Innovation Director

    Secretariat of Public Innovation, Government of Argentina



    Service Designer

    LABgobar - Laboratorio de Gobierno Argentino



    User Experience Designer


    2013 - 2016




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